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Welcome to Ghostlands!

A home of good old Lineage 2 nostalgia...

Latest News

Grand Boss viewer
· For time being the times of the Epic RB re-spawns are hidden. · What we have now is a good idea for pvp events if there is a tighter competition
13 July, 2024
Update 04/07/2024
· L2Ghostlands has a client side update, please run L2GhostUpdater for convenience. · OR you can download files directly from MEGA and update manually, copy-replace needed files for full server features experience...
04 July, 2024
Skill cooldown rework
· We are happy to announce that the skill cooldown system on our server has been reworked for a better gameplay experience · Now, all skill cooldowns are properly saved and fetched when you enter the L2 world, ensuring a seamless...
14 June, 2024
Zaken fine-tuned
· Zaken self-teleport has been reworked avoiding texture stuck · Our latest instance update has fine-tuned Zaken's raid experience on the server.
30 May, 2024
Grand Boss chance update
· Grand boss drop chance has been improved · Update also includes Anakazel of the rift.
12 February, 2024
Preachers of Doom
· Seven Sings preachers debuffs has been slightly eased · Effect felt on first 5 minutes.
22 January, 2024
Path to Orc Raider
· Path to Orc Raider quest has been updated · Kuruka Ratman Leader spawn has been slightly improved!
16 January, 2024
Server has launched!
· Be part of our start jurney! · Where every quest and adventure is a ship of warm memories!
12 January, 2024
Hide and Seek
· Hide and Seek event has been launched · Be first to find the Ghost of the server and get reward!
08 January, 2024
Get reward being online!
· Be online and be rewarded! · Every hour all adventurers receive reward for being online!
04 January, 2024
Happy New Year!
· Sending our best wishes for a great and productive 2024!
01 January, 2024
Vote Manager
· Vote Manager is on! · Help our server by Vote every 12h and be rewarded for your effort!
27 December, 2023
Merry Christmas!
Sending our best wishes for a joyous holiday season filled with love and happiness!
25 December, 2023
· Huge range of accessories. · Alsmost anybody will find something to accent their personality.
23 December, 2023
Color Manager
· Color Manager in Town of Giran. · Players can dye and style their names and titles.
20 December, 2023
Our Forum is on!
· Our forum is live now · A place to address all your experiences, Q&A, emotions, joy, pity etc.
19 December, 2023
TvT Weekend Special
· The Events will take place in special areas. · Rewards will be accordingly even sweeter.
17 December, 2023
Chest and Token
· Vote for our project to get Voter's Chest · Seekers are to find a very special Token inside.
16 December, 2023
Lineage II Cloaks
· Ancient cloaks with various hints of bonuses · Might, Empower, ManaUp and Health...
15 December, 2023
Crystal Tuesday
· At random one of the weekly days are chosen for enhanced crystals drop up to double rates.
14 December, 2023
Squash Event
· Classic event with some sweet rewards · Gather pollen from around the world and grow yours!
13 December, 2023
Our launch date is Set!
· The Grand opening will take place on 12th of January! · 18:00 (GTM+2).
12 December, 2023
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Noblesses: 63
Kills: 5809
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Banned: 33
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